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Japanese style - Posted By aitch (aitch) on 20th Mar 09 at 11:48am
OK, I know the forum is for English ware, but does anyone have an interest in Japanese style?

I like some it immensly, I think I could get hooked on the minimalist styles. I have a Tea Service of the type, so will be looking for a related forum I think. For the curious a few pics of my set below, but it is simply marked "Foreign".

I was offered £150 for it by a dealer several years ago, but I just like to look at such things so selling them is counterproductive for me.




This stuff is incredibly light weight, you can't tell you have it in your hand!


Re: Japanese style - Posted By Hazel (admin) on 22nd Mar 09 at 8:30pm
I don't know a great deal about Japanese porcelain but your set looks possibly 1950's from the style. Very pretty but I can't help much more as I don't have any reference books on the subject.


Try this link you might find something.



Re: Japanese style - Posted By aj (aj) on 24th Apr 09 at 4:01am
I don't know the importing laws that Britain had. USA had laws from about 1910 that said everything had to have a country mark in English. In Australia it didn't and anything here that has no mark is pre ww2. If you can find out about uk the lack of a mark might date it as pre war
cheers aj