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Makers mark ID - Posted By aitch (aitch) on 17th Mar 09 at 11:49pm
Hi all, any help appreciated on this.

I have six cups and saucers with a cake plate (I think!) No pic's at this time as I've taken it to my holiday home in Spain and I'm in the UK at the moment. This was given to my wife by a friend of her mums, no other history I'm afraid.

The set is hand painted with lots of gold leaf, there are numerous variations between pieces, no two cups for example are identical. To the point where even the top edge pattern on one cup has say 6 elements, but on another only 5!

There's lots of something like cobalt blue in the pattern, which consists from memory of a sort of country teapot (in cobalt blue with gold leaf) with flowers etc .

I cannot find the makers mark in any of the books I've purchased, so help required please, link to mark below:


The small diamond above the crown appears when blown up to have "Mc" in it..

Thanks in anticipation


Re: Makers mark ID - Posted By Hazel (admin) on 18th Mar 09 at 7:35pm
Hi Aitch

The mark on your set is that of Doric China Co. Hight Street, Longton, Staffordshire Potteries. The company was in existence from 1924 to 1935, so your set dates from this period. It's a shame you only have a picture of the base.

Hope this helps.



Re: Makers mark ID - Posted By aitch (aitch) on 20th Mar 09 at 12:15am
Thank you for a very prompt response Hazel, I'm amazed!

Just to say thank you I trawled through some old pics my wife took several years ago, a few of which I've linked to below. I now also know (should have checked with her wot is all knowing first!) we have more pieces than I thought.

There are also the jug and dish plus sideplates and the fancier shaped cake plate. All appear to be in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or damage and little to no wear.

I can see (been researching the Doric stuff since your post!) that the pot in the design is also used by Doric in a blue and white only set.





I notice the mark on these varies from the other Doric examples I've found online this evening?

Thanks for the help

Re: Makers mark ID - Posted By Hazel (admin) on 22nd Mar 09 at 8:42pm
The mark on your set is shown in Godden's encyclopdia of British pottery and Porcelain Marks, however most factories used variations of their marks so it's quite possible that the ones you have seen on ebay are slightly different.

Re: Makers mark ID - Posted By aitch (aitch) on 22nd Mar 09 at 10:21pm
Thanks again Hazel, I hope the pic's will help build an archive resource for others, and I'll have to buy that book now!